Rajasthani Folk Dance Artist Booking

We help in Rajasthani Folk Artist Management, and also book the artists for special events.

Rajasthani Folk Dance Artist Booking

Perhaps, the traditional folk dances in Rajasthan hardly need any introduction. They are equally popular the entire world for their skilful moves, attractive dresses and the rhythmic music, which is being played in the backdrop. However, what people miss is that Rajasthan is the home to a number of folk dance forms, each unique in its own way. At Hornbill Event Planner, we help in Rajasthani Cultural Dance Artist Booking. We can book artists having expertise in a number of dance forms. Here’s a shot briefing on some of them.

Bhavai Dance

Typically, this form of dance involves women only, who would balance about 7-9 pitchers on their heads. While dancing with these pitchers, they would gradually have their feet perched on a glass, or balance on the rim of a brass plate (thali), sometimes, even on the edge of a naked sword.

Chakri Dance

This form of dance derives its name from the term ‘Chakkar’, or rotation. Typically performed by the women of the Kanjar tribe of the Kota and Haroti regions of Rajasthan, this form of dance is almost a staple in the weddings, as well as while commemorating special events like childbirth. This fast and agile form of dance is characterized by its lively music beats, and the vibrant skirt-like dresses that come embezzled with mirror works. While the performers speedily spin and go in rounds, the sight becomes amazingly spectacular. We can also arrange for Rajasthani Folk Music Artists Booking Udaipur to complement the dance performance.

Chari Dance

This form of dance, native to Ajmer and Kishanganj, signifies the art of collecting water, or chari by the women in their everyday life. Water, in an arid land like Rajasthan is scare. Hence, the women need to travel many miles to fetch water for their families. With pitchers on their head and a lighted lamp inside it, the women in group dance gracefully.

Ghoomar Dance

The Ghoomer form of dance has its root to the Bhill tribes. Here, both men and women dance together. With women, having their faces covered in veiled, swirling their skirts, and twirling in circles, there is an unmistakable charm in this form of dance. We help in Rajasthani Folk Artist Management, and also book the artists for special events.

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